Born 1983,  I got my first camera at the age of 9 and shortly thereafter permanently borrowed my dad’s EOS300. Always drawing, even as a kid, I took up graffiti in 1997. I can remember reading a magazine that had a series by a female photographer in it called “xxx vistis the Zoo”. The xxx standing for her name, which sadly I have forgotten. This series of photographs was shot on film, b&w and had a number of images in it, that left such a strong impression on me that I wanted to do this myself.

I went on to study Informatics at the Technical University of Vienna but instantly quit once the i-phone was presented. I then pursued a career as a graffiti artist. Having my first image published in National Geographic in 2012 ended my ongoing battle with myself, whether to go with painting or photography for me.

I decided to really learn the craft and joined a studio-collective as an assistant and later as a member.

Took on all sorts of jobs ranging from press to medical, studio to outdoors. In 2019 I left all this behind and decided to go solo.

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international award winning photographer
based in Vienna/Austria

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